ISO 800 | 1/13s | f/5.0 | 45mm | EOS

The photos in here are the second part of my series about the “Masskara Festival” here in Bacolod City, Phils. This time the photos are masks, and were considered as the best masks design made by the local folks as their entry in the competition. These masks are displayed in one of the malls here in the city, and will be until the end of the month only. Considered also as one of the tourist attractions in the city during the monthlong celebration of the festival.

ISO 500 | 1/30s | f/5.0 | 55mm | EOS

ISO 800 | 1/40s | f/5.6 | 62mm | EOS

ISO 800 | 1/15s | f/5.0 | 52mm | EOS

ISO 800 | 1/10s | f/5.0 | 31mm | EOS

ISO 1000 | 1/13s | f/5.6 | 87mm | EOS

ISO 1250 | 1/15s | f/5.0 | 44mm | EOS

Why Masks in the festival?

A smiling mask, which is the symbol of the fiesta was conceived by the organizers to show the happy spirit of the Negrenses despite experiencing bad times in the sugar industry.

The Masskara Festival is celebrated yearly, from October 1-20.