Happy New Year

ISO 320 | 1/4s | f/5.0 | 100mm | EOS 60D

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!!!

Time runs so fast that little did we know, it’s already 2013 πŸ™‚

This photo was taken during a family dinner in the New Year’s Eve. Instead of being busy with firecrackers, I opted not to, but instead capture a scene that represent my new year with family. An inclusion of a wine such as in the photo during new year’s eve has been a family tradition since then. A way to let the food be digested in a much faster way. Anyway, I am not endorsing a wine brand here, or in any other way connected with the distributors/manufacturer of the brand. It so happen that the color blended with the background and the scene.

Again, let me wish and greet everyone, a Happy happy New Year!

regards πŸ™‚