Caleruega Chapel

ISO 400 | 1/250sec | f/11 | 18mm | EOS 60D

The photos shown in this section are the ones as promised about the side trips I had last February in Batangas, Philippines. In the previous post I had in Caleruega, it showed the facade of the receiving area for visitors, providing a link to the main chapel, the one shown above as the main facade of the place. In the past, I used to only see and appreciate this in travel magazines and wedding-related magazines, as well. And now, totally a dream came true for me.

ISO 1000 | 1/13sec | f/11 | 18mm | EOS 60D

The photo above is the chapel’s altar. The chapel is surrounded by trees and other plants suiting to the ambiance, which makes the place more peaceful and, very close to nature. It was an opportunity for me to have this angle of shot, since the upper portion of the chapel was usually off limits to the public. But, as mentioned, opportunity by asking permission to the caretaker if I can have at least take a few shots to capture the ambiance + the angle…he did nod and said, “ok”…well, the opportunity lasted for more than 2 minutes 🙂 The caretaker approached me as I go down the stairs, but to my surprise, asked and greeted me if I am a part of those group of photographers from National Geographic…well, with all honesty, I answered “no”. The caretaker just smiled and said, “..ok, i thought you’re one of them. Have a nice day, sir”…wow! that’s a compliment…how i wish that i’m a part of that team…

ISO 400 | 1/400sec | f/7.1 | 24mm | EOS 60D

A pose before we call it a day, together with my wife at the left facade of the chapel. You might be wondering about the flowers, they’re given by the  caretaker (the one I mentioned earlier). Flowers from the concluded wedding ceremony.

Truly, a dream come true in a very unexpected travel with loved ones.