ISO 125 | 1/125sec | f/4.0 | 100mm | EOS 60D

Just another picture of the stigma part of a Gumamela flower in one summer morning under the shade.

I’ve been a fan of this kind of flower since I was a kid. Together with my playmates, we used to make this as one of the ingredients in making a sort of soap bubbles using one of the branches of a papaya plant. As I go with the very details of this kind of flower, the stigma part is one of the most important part of this flower, for it is the one that receives the pollen, and is responsible for the creation of the seeds and also of the growth process of the plant. And to my amazement, this flower is also considered as medicinal, since according to studies, this can help cure cough, fever, headaches, high blood pressure and boils. But as the saying goes, the best cure for any ailment is still, prevention 🙂