Miniature Butterfly


ISO 3200 | 1/50sec | f/5.6 | 64mm | EOS 60D

A miniature butterfly as spotted in one of the booths during the recently concluded “Pana-ad sa Negros Festival” here in Negros Occidental (Phils.).  A real butterfly when looking from afar, but in close-up, it’s not. Anyways, as I did some inquiry from the staff on duty, it’s actually a decoration that they showcased as part of their tourism campaign about their city, La Carlota City (located south of Negros Occidental province).  The festival is celebrated annually for a week, where all the cities and municipalities in the province gathered in one place, and showcases their tourism, products, and everything that can somehow boost the local economy of their respective cities.  And, also one of the main venues where foreigners or visitors got the chance to have an instant inquiry about a specific resort/beaches, since the timing is in summer.  Luckily, I made one already as part of my summer getaway 🙂