Mini-Water Dam

ISO 100 | 2.5sec | f/25 | 25mm | EOS 60D + ND8

One of the famous mini-water dam in Negros Occidental was spotted by my camera yesterday during a travel-photography day together with my wife and 2 friends. Taken in one of the summer-capital resorts known as “Mambukal Mountain Resort”, located in the highlands of Murcia, Negros Occidental. A resort I can say, that I visited a lot of times, but only yesterday, that I spent the entire time of capturing it’s beauty that is very close to nature. For over a decade now, continuous renovations had been done to totally be the mountain haven both for campers, trekkers, vacationist, tourists (both, local and foreign). And truly, this place is ranked as #2 in TripAdvisors’ “Things to do in Negros Island” page.

The official site and other detailed information of this tourist destination can be seen on this link: Mambukal Resort.