ISO 100 | 1/15 sec | f/8.0 | 135mm | EOS 60D

Just another cactus plant in its early age of development as spotted in one of the eco parks here in Negros. The season was very dry, and the only plant that survived this kind of temperature is the one and only cactus. Requiring only a little maintenance, but, if too much water is supplied to it, can KILL the plant itself!

Cactus, is considered as one of the most distinctive, striking and the most number of varieties (over 200). And according to some research, one popular species of this is the Aloe Vera, which aside from its purpose (for hair), commonly used as a household pot plant.

This photo was taken during one morning during a summer outing of our company/school. Kind of a hot and humid environment, but, worth the effort of taking this photo.