ISO 125 | 1/400sec | f/8.0 | 18mm | EOS 60D

The famous landmark of Dumaguete City (Negros Oriental), known as the Belfry Tower. Located at the heart (downtown) of the city, beside the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral.  According to a local history, the tower has two purposes, one was to inform the local religious folks of the daily mass schedules using a pattern of bell sounds, and the second was, serving as a watchtower from enemies or pirates from nearby islands (circa 1811).

Currently, the so-called Belfry is now surrounded by a garden and was landscaped as seen on the photo above, and a grotto of the Virgin Mary where the faithful (Catholics), visits daily for their prayers.

A photo taken during one of my trips (photo walk) together with friends from a photography club where I am a member of.  Dumaguete City is also dubbed as a “City of Gentle People”, and truly, I can testify to that. This photo is one of the many pride of the city’s tourism. Related post about the city’s landmarks can be seen here.