Early Blooming

ISO 100 | 1/13sec | f/5.6 | 100mm | EOS 60D

Month of May is the month of flowers in general. The photo shown here is supposed to be one of my entries in a photo exhibit sponsored by a photography club that i’m a part of where the theme is about flowers, but I decided not to since we’ve limit the number of entries per participant to give way to the newbies of our club to also showcase their talent.

What captured my attention about this photo was how this kind of flower, white daisy, was how dependent on the water this one is. Too much water can somehow damaged this flower. An observation of mine basing on the sets of flowers I bought and experimented a li’l bit about the amount of water it can take. One was totally over-nourished with water in the sense that its base has a constant amount of water, and the other one was the one posted here that survived in a just right amount of water (that experimentation of mine was a bit tedious, since i’m to record and observe carefully how the flowers reacts). In my realization about life, a lot of times without our knowing, we are this. We tend to have more and gain more, in spite of what we already have. Some were not even contented with it. This realization is not new to everybody that too much is not always good, it should be regulated, and that applies to everything. In the end, one of the factors that makes a person happy is being contented πŸ™‚