Papaya Leaf

ISO 200 | 1/250sec | f/4.0 | 100mm | EOS 60D


A Papaya leaf (Pawpaw)  taken on a different perspective. Summer will end soon, and we will welcome the rainy season. Here in the Philippines, it’s a cycle of 2 season, wet and dry.  The photo above was the first photo of mine taken during this time of the year and getting ready for the season. Taken one Saturday afternoon, it was blackout due to heavy rain. Sitting at our porch and listening to the pouring rain, the papaya leaves caught my attention as they sway each time an amount of rain fell on it. As I go over with this so-called papaya (in our local dialect, it’s called ‘Kapayas’), it has medicinal benefits, and one of them is to cure the Dengue Hemorrhagic fever in which, during rainy season here in our country, it’s one of the most life-threatening disease caused by mosquito bites. Children and adults alike are prone to this fever if their drainage at home is not sanitized or clean. Several case studies about how the leaf can help cure the fever can be seen here.

The photo above was just converted to Black and White simply for dramatic purposes and to somehow introduce the mood and scenario when the photo was actually taken.