1962 Impala

ISO 800 | 1/15sec | f/3.5 | 10mm | EOS 60D

A dream come true for me to shoot in a much wider and closer view the Chevrolet Impala (1962 model) car. I used to collect scaled models of this kind of car from 1961-1964, but the one that i’m missing is the actual or the “larger-than-life” scale of the car. When my wife and I went to a mall yesterday, a group of classic cars were displayed near the entrance door of the mall. What captured my full attention was the car with a stunning elegance and truly, one of the great classic and american cars. Good thing and perfect timing that I bought with me my camera together also with my recently owned UWA (Canon 10-22mm) lens used for “test-driving” 🙂  I only did just a little adjustment on the edges, adding vignetting effect making it more dramatic. Overall, the lens+glass quality did not disappoint me at all. I am very happy with the quality of photos it produced, and one of them is shown above.