Anther + Stigma

ISO 200 | 1/100 sec | f/2.8 | 100mm | EOS 1100D

I miss the sunshine 😦

It’s more than a week already that we were experiencing weather disturbances here in our place. And according to the weather news, this kind of weather (raining) will last for another 3-4 days. Due to this, I’m forced to stay indoors and watch movies, but, the enjoyment of doing it lasts only for a time. 2 hours ago, the sun shown it’s face amidst a cloudy sky, I hurriedly took my camera and  look for a subject in the garden and a tiny flower caught my attention due to a ray of sun flashing on it. I recompose and recompose due to a limited time, and here’s the result of the shot. I tend to shoot macro lately…since, this is my first love in photography..there is a sense of me that is close to nature.

Though the weather might not be good, but nevertheless, it is still a blessing from above and an opportunity to be thankful that we’re still here, wide awake and breathing to appreciate the beauty of HIS creation through nature.

Have a nice day, everyone.