Kung Hei Fat Choi 2014

ISO 800 | 1/125s | f/5.6 | 80mm | EOS 7D

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Another new year that is celebrated every year aside from the usual new year last December 31-January 1.  I, myself is not a Chinese, but in our place here, the city celebrates it and even coined the term “Bacolaodiat“. A 3-day celebration with fireworks and other Chinese food, things, etc. were exhibited, and some, for sale. I bought and ate the famous “Tikoy” for a late afternoon snack.  As I took this photo, our place is already experiencing storm signal no.2  (wuaahhh!)

Anyway, I did some research about a significant information about the “2014: Year of the Wooden Horse” as follows:

“Horse is one of Chinese favorite animals. Horse provides a good and quick transportation for people before automobiles. Horse can give people a ride to their destination. Therefore, horse is not only a symbol of traveling, but also a sign of speedy success.”