Bacolod’s Bacolaodiat

A post of mine that is totally related to my previous post (Kung Hei Fat Choi), but this time, giving you the view of how Bacolod City celebrates the Chinese New Year. These are all night shots. I intend to do some street photo to capture in another angle the event. I wasn’t able to totally capture the parade of lights to a bad weather. But, inspite of the advised storm signal no.2 “Basyang”, the celebration continues, but as for me, safety first.

A child amazed by the color of the lantern

A classic small lantern swingin’ at the wishing tree

A classic chinese decorative figure as displayed in one of the street stores

Street view along Lacson st., where the starting point of the event starts

Car audio system exhibition as an annual activity

One of the famous attraction along Lacson st., the gigantic sizes of the 12 animals that represents the chinese zodiac

Another street view nearing the center location of the event

A view fronting the center stage where all activities are happening

The famous twin dragon entrance gate to the main stage

Red lanterns at its best 🙂

Another amazed kid spotted touching the lantern

More information about the said event can be seen at this link.

Have a great day, everyone 🙂