Food Trip

ISO 400 | 1/100sec | f/6.3 | 85mm | EOS 60D

A satisfying dinner with cousins and friends was spent in one of the newest Korean restaurant here in Bacolod City, known as Wara-Wara. An eat-all-you can buffet dinner was the best there is for this restaurant, lots of choices to choose from the food for a price of P380/person. Truly, a worth for your money as they say, and we proved it to be true.

ISO 400 | 1/10sec | f/6.3 | 43mm | EOS 60D

The photos posted here were the main factor aside from other Asian-based restaurants here in the city. In each of the table, there was a so-called “cooking-area” where you can cook your own selection of a combination of pork, beef, chicken, and a separate buffet bar where you can have more of your choosing for desserts, appetizers, and of course, the main dish.  After a fun-filled dinner, we promised to be back here sometime soon, and experience again the so-called Korean cuisine.