Fire Dance

Fire Performer (1)

Fire Performance  – also known as “Fire Dancing” is the art of dancing with fire.
It was my first time to totally witness the real performances of the so-called “fire-performers/dancers” a couple of months ago during one of the local events here in Bacolod City, because before, I just used to watch it on TV and even saw and read it via the magazines. Good thing that I was totally on the front-seat of everything during this event, great timing and patience were needed to take the shots since a first-timer like me was engaging already. A lot of trials and camera settings were tried and tried and tried. almost 50% of the shots were scrapped due to, well, photographer’s error. But, at the end of it, I’m glad to learn new lessons again about how to shoot this kind of event. One thing is for sure, it is very challenging and a bit dangerous, since, in my case, i’, up-front, and regarding the distance, i’m almost a couple of feet away from the performers. I can feel the heat of the fire, smelling the fuel from the Poi, but as they say, “No Pain, No Gain”, and I do believe that. It was worth the effort after all.

Fire Performer (2)

Fire Performer (3)

Realizations after the event: fire dancing is not for everybody, and it requires special training and skills to become one.