Misty Flower

© Rommel Gallegos

A bad weather due to typhoon didn’t stop my itch to ta capture photos such as this. I love what I do best and I do missed doing this for several occasions due to workload schedule and another newly-found hobby of mine which somehow consumed most of my time during the weekends, and that is GUNPLA building. Truly, it’s a stress-reliever after a week of work. Soon, I realized that I can mix both by being a GUNPLA builder and a photographer at the same time. I’ll be posting photos of the kits I already build. I still consider myself as a newbie in this building thing, but I am enjoying every minute because of the challenge it brings…well, testing your patience.
Alongside with my journey to photography is my newly acquired gear, in which most of the time, it’s with me, the Canon PowerShot G16.