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After a week of an unpredictable weather due to typhoon effects, it was an off day for me in taking pictures, the weather limits me from doing the thing i love on weekends,… Continue reading


My testing of using multiple lights on a macro subject gave me this result. After 10 combinations of lights placement, at last, I got what photo exposure I want… This photo is actually,… Continue reading


This was my entry to a photo exhibit a week ago sponsored by the photography club in which i’m a part of. It was my first time to show and display my photos… Continue reading


Taken during one of my trips in the wilds of Mt. Patag. A few meters away where the ‘Grasshopper’ photo was also captured. Realizing that mother nature has a lot to offer, I… Continue reading


It was my first time to capture an insect like this in the wild. This photo was taken during one of my trips in Mt. Patag (Silay, Phils.).  I got lucky to be… Continue reading

One Against Many

Inspired by color separation + macro + selective color vibrance, I tried and tested the settings on this photo. Taken on a sunny day, and light is diffused to catch the ambiance of… Continue reading


As I was cleaning up some old toy boxes of  mine in the attic, I happened to notice 2 of these marbles alone in one corner. The positioning and the mood captured my… Continue reading


Crayons, as mandated by the government, should have a label indicating “Non-toxic”, but unfortunately, there’s still “hot items” sold everywhere that simply copies the label (thus, I called that “fake”), especially the ones… Continue reading