As I was cleaning up some old toy boxes of  mine in the attic, I happened to notice 2 of these marbles alone in one corner. The positioning and the mood captured my… Continue reading


This photo was taken at one of the ports here in Bacolod City, Philippines. This very same port, and at the same time, this very same spot, was where the famous “MV DOULOS”… Continue reading

Cloud Formation

After a day or two of having rains in our place, I miss this type of cloud formation. But after an hour, this beautiful cloud formation turned to black, and heavy rains followed.… Continue reading

Pope’s Tower

One of the popular structure as well as an attraction to visitors here at the city of smiles (Bacolod City, Philippines), known as the Pope John Paul II Tower Monument.  It houses the… Continue reading

Hello Sunshine

One of the beautiful sunrise view in my hometown. Really, the sun rises in the East.

A Child’s Smile

A rare opportunity for a child to totally look and smile in front of the camera. Whew! After, grueling minutes of really catching the child’s attention, here’s the shot that I am longing… Continue reading

Captured Emotion

Capturing an emotion of a child is harder than I thought. A child’s attention span is very very short, thus, making your perfect shot difficult as well. After reading the book “Art of… Continue reading

Old White Door

An old white door at the back of one of the old houses in Silay City (Phils.), the “Balay Negrense”.  The one that caught my attention was that, a door that doesn’t have… Continue reading

Worker’s cup

In one of our trips (with my wife) in one of the mangrove sites (Brgy. Balaring) here in a neighboring city of Silay last April of 2012, a scene that caught my attention… Continue reading


Crayons, as mandated by the government, should have a label indicating “Non-toxic”, but unfortunately, there’s still “hot items” sold everywhere that simply copies the label (thus, I called that “fake”), especially the ones… Continue reading