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Baby’s Smile

In one of the family gatherings, I tend to isolate myself from the rest and find myself playing with my baby-cousins. Good thing always, that I brought along my camera, knowing that it’s… Continue reading

Anther + Stigma

I miss the sunshine ūüė¶ It’s more than a week already that we were experiencing weather disturbances here in our place. And according to the weather news, this kind of weather (raining) will… Continue reading

Macro Hats

What a gloomy weather today. It’s been a week that it’s raining on and off, and today was no different. I planned to go out and do some strolling in the nearby mall,… Continue reading

Brand New Start

A brand new start. A brand new start indeed as I begin this 2014 with my 1st photo, though the posting was a bit late. Taken one sunny morning after nearing a week… Continue reading

Happy New Year (2014)!

Better late than never! Happy New Year everyone! Another year to start over, another year of photos and inspiration to share with ūüôā May God bless us all.

Summer Getaway

“A¬†vacation¬†or¬†holiday¬†is a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism.¬†People often take a vacation during specific holiday¬†observances, or for specific festivals¬†or celebrations. Vacations are often spent with friends¬†or family.”… Continue reading

Chevy Service Truck

An old photo taken a year ago as one of my entry for the Macro Category in a photography school I attended. A requirement before we graduate. Unfortunately, this photo was not chosen,… Continue reading

Waning Gibbous Moon

Taken last Jan. 22 when there’s a large halo sorrounding the moon. Unfortunately, i wasn’t able to capture the halo…because at that time, the area covered by the halo is so wide already,… Continue reading

Christmas Smile

Capturing a “Christmas Smile” is an objective of mine during a family Christmas party last December 25. After an hour of waiting, this is the best shot I can say from one of… Continue reading

Mountain Sky View

Taken one mid-morning at Mt. Patag in Silay City, Philippines. Overlooking at the back is the highest peak in this mountainous region of Silay.