Baby’s Smile

ISO 400 | 1/80s | f/4.0 | 35mm | EOS 1100D

In one of the family gatherings, I tend to isolate myself from the rest and find myself playing with my baby-cousins. Good thing always, that I brought along my camera, knowing that it’s actually challenging to take photos of babies. But nevertheless, the final product of it is well worth it. This photo was taken during one of my ‘playful’ act with this baby whose named baby ‘Pia’, my left hand was holding a toy and the other was holding a camera. Long before realizing that every opportunity counts for me in taking shots. Available light came only from wide-opened window, and after a couple of tries, here it its. I love babies, and hoping that someday, I’ll gonna have one of my own. 

Below is a poem for babies, in which I can totally relate the captured photo above.

A Baby’s Smile

I see it more now
That grin from cheek to cheek
The natural way you show yourself
Your finess-your are meek

A bundle full of love
A bundle soft to touch
An unwritten beautiful page of life
of purity and such

Your smile is that of beauty
showing you inward out
Never loose your precious commodity
Your essense-what you are all about

A precious love so pure
so innocent and God’s tiny creature
Only to life you will endure
the failings of your parent teacher

Never loose that essence
which adults some seem to have lost
Because of our actions to life’s strife
We have no dealings-
and at what cost

Keep your inner beauty
Thank you for letting me see
That crinkle from your eyes
The beauty from within
The peace within.

*credits to the author of the poem, Ms. Patricia Briscoe.